Visually impaired people in India face many problems during their studies when they use gadgets like cassette player, CD player, Computer, Digital player or any other text reading accessible system. Most of the devices available for visually impaired so far are English Text Readers and unaffordable to them hence are less suitable to Indian students learning in their vernacular language.

Considering this we developed a special device "ABRAR" to make their book reading comfortable, without the bar of any language, having quick and random access to any subject and lesson of their choice, and above all with recording facility.

The ABRAR is first of its kind, designed in India. ABRAR is the best replacement for all the gadgets mentioned above.

ABRAR : Audio Book Reader and Recorder

This pocket size special device for visually challenged makes their reading comfortable due to the following features :

  • Dimensions Length = 135 mm, Width = 70 mm, Thickness = 24 mm, Weight (without battery) = 122 gm
  • Provides random access to any book or chapter / customized track stored in the Multimedia Memory Card (MMC) with fast forward, backward, pause facility.
  • The audio file format supported includes MP3, WMA and WAV in Stereo channel.
  • With maximum Storage capacity up to 16 GB, may give 240 hours for highest bit rate to 4400 hours for lowest bit rate on MP3.
  • Voice prompts and Audio books for any curriculum, standard, can be recorded in any language.
  • Easy access to tracks with only 8 Braille embossed buttons and voice menu support.
  • Normally works on AC power. For alternate power source two pencil cell batteries (Alkaline, AA rechargeable NiMH, NiCd, etc.) can be used.
  • BOOK MARKING and CHAPTER MARKING facility available.
  • VOICE RECORDING with built-in or external mike.
  • Speed of reading can be raised to 2 X.