Loom Controller Monitor LCM


Loom Controller Monitor LCMThe loom controller is integrated unit for controlling various functions of Circular Woven Sack Loom. It has a powerful 32 bit Microprocessor, which is used for Haul-off speed control, Basic loom operation and stores the various Loom data for future analysis.

Two proximity switches mounted on Main motor shaft and Haul motor shaft measure the speed, and on basis of these speeds, the haul off speed is controlled to get the desired Weft Density of fabric. The 32-bit microprocessor also takes care of loom inertia with PID loop, so that during Start, Stop and inch period, Weft density is maintained. It is compatible with most of the leading brands of Loom. It controls weft density, start / stop / faults, lubrication, winder motor, take up motor. It also monitors and records shift wise production, faults, loom run time, warp / weft breakages, loom efficiency etc. It has a real time clock and battery backed memory to store data. The loom controller is supplied with warp card and 24 Volt DC power supply for warp PCB and control. The back plane connectors are similar to standard loom controllers. Hence it is very easy to replace any other loom controller with our loom controller without change in wiring. Loom Controller Monitor LCMAll connectors are high quality plug type, suitable for easy and fast replacement.

The controller has a large Graphical LCD, which can be read, from longer distance. The display shows the current time and 4 loom parameters in bold letters. The current time is derived from battery backed up Real Time Clock, and it is also used to determine shift change over. The Keypad is arranged in such a way that menu navigation is smooth. Minimum numbers of keys are required to be pressed for any operation. Menu is very simple to operate, with many additional features. The status of Input and Output signal is displayed on the front with Green, and Red LED. This helps in easy diagnosis of the fault with minimum downtime. The advantage of these LED is that, they can be viewed from long distance. In addition, a white LED indicating the READY status of loom is also provided on front.