Corona Module


Corona ModuleThe Corona Treater is designed for stringent requirement, and environmental conditions of plastic industry. The use of Microcontroller at the heart of circuit gives instantaneous fault protection, and also controls all major functions like on / off, protection, safety, power control etc. and operator attention is least required.

The micro-controller also monitors the speed of the silicon roller, and switches on the corona when silicon roller starts rotating, and switches off the corona in case roller stops rotating. This avoids the excess treatment to film, which could result in loss of strength and permanent damage to silicon coating of roller. The use of IGBT / MOSFET in power inverter stage gives fault tolerant power circuit which can sustain short circuit on HT side also. The operating frequency of 20 kHz and voltage of 15 kV gives uniform and powerful corona at electrode.

This high frequency supply is fed to a ferrite core transformer for stepping up. The secondary of the transformer is connected to aluminum electrode. The corona is obtained between these electrode and the silicon coated roller.

The operation is very simple and requires no operator attention. Once switched on, the corona automatically starts when silicon roller starts rotating. The corona is again automatically switched off when the roller stops rotating. The status lamp gives various indications for diagnostic purpose.

FeaturesCorona Module

  • Compact in size
  • Rugged Construction
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Housed in powder coated box
  • High Power output
  • Maintenance free operation

Technical Specifications

  Input Supply 230 volts 1 phase with neutral.
  Operating Voltage 10 kV to 15 kV
  Operating Frequency 16 kHz To 22 kHz
  Power Stage IGBT / MOSFET
  Display Lamp for Status
  Panel Control Power on/off
  Power Control Rotary Switch
  Protection Over current, over temperature