Wireless Parking Guidance and Management SystemThe number of cars on road is increasing day by day and available parking space is not able to keep that pace, resulting in not finding a suitable place for car parking. Parking guidance system utilizes the available space effectively and saves man power cost. Our parking guidance system provides the right solution to manage parking space intelligently and reduces man power. It gives a pleasant experience to car driver as he is quickly guided to the nearest parking slot right from the entrance. The Parking Guidance system is fully automatic with fuzzy logic and uses 8 bit / 32 bit processor at every step and it is fully wireless so that there is no wiring hassle reducing the installation and down time.

Advantages to Parking Area Management :

  • Increase in Car Park Capacity -Due to reduction of circulation space
  • Increase in Lot Utilization - Lots in hidden / obscured areas get used
  • Reduces Congestion and Improves Traffic Flow - Drivers know where to go
  • Vast improvement in the image and ambience of the Car Park
  • Faster Turnaround of Cars into the Car Park
  • Self Diagnostic Features - Convenient for management
  • Customer Satisfaction - More likely to return
  • Wireless Parking Guidance and Management SystemStatistical Information - Trends can be monitored
  • Increased Security within the Car Park
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Less pollution
  • Cost Effective Solution

Advantage to Car Driver :

  • Shorter Waiting Time at Car Park Entrance
  • Guided to Nearest Available Parking Space
  • No Need to Search, Less Stressful
  • Saves Fuel and Reduces Tyre Wear
  • Gains Precious Time, More time to Shop or Dine
  • Prevent Drivers Fighting over Parking Space
  • Car Parking A pleasant experience for the motorist